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Vol.7, No.0, 272 ~ 285, 2002
A Study on Photography as Visual Design - With Focus on Poster Photography of Herbert Matter -
Photography invented in 1839 by Daguerre, a Frenchman, started from the conception of subject`s reappearance and search for photography as an expression medium has changed the sight and ideas of a human. It is a photogram by dadaists in the 1920`s that meets an epoch-making revolution through the participation of photography as a new medium of graphic, but montage works which consist of time and space for two mentions became an important means of expression. Expecially, it can be called that Herbert Matter`s works using visual codes of photography in which a bold composition of a picture and formative psychology are used carved out a new career of poster photography. Design is the study of feeling abd art to approach a homan`s mind and designers should create in using many various materials at the base of their own visual ideas. Photography and a graphic design are not works interpreted dually in the relation between a graphic design and photography, but they should be recognized as a visual image.
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