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Vol.7, No.0, 186 ~ 202, 2002
A Study on the Cosmetic Package Design Considering Expression Technique and Texture
It is reasonable that a package may begin with the human`s fist economy activity simultaneously. From the field of barter in the early days from the field of mass distribution in the modern, the package may be essential elements of the whole course from production to sales. And the package broke from original meanings like preservation of products with the change of era, and it comes to develop as modern meanings that the sales promotion function takes precedence. In particular, the cosmetic package is one of representative field in the package fields that the sales promotion function takes precedence over the products protection function from the beginning. The function of the primary products protection in the technical civilization developed highly recently was not regarded as difficult problems much. It is a state that the role of sales promotion and the brand image strategy of products, the secondary function, is required more in the package design. In fact, as examining the analysis of purchase motivation of cosmetics and the contents of consumer behavior research, as for the new purchase of cosmetics, it showed that above 85%of consumers have decided their minds for purchase by the products image presented through the package. At least, the development of new products in the cosmetics may consider it as "new package method and the development of materials". The change of this concept may always ask the package designer in charge of development work on the front line endless research and efforts about the new package method and the development of materials. The domestic cosmetics markets become various in consumption pattern day by day by high economic growth and liberalization of imports. Especially, the cosmetics corporations concentrated on the development of general cosmetics have development the products by the consumer`s class and by characteristics of products. But the high price band of cosmetics comes to produce by effect on the consumer`s preference to overseas famous band and the excessive consumption. And there was an era that the excessive package existed between the cosmetics bands competitively for the development of high-price of products. The market of foundation cosmetics with fierce competition everyday have made a plan for products development by the change of sales competition, the change of purchase pattern and the subdivision of products difficult. In particular, there arose large change in the structure of distribution. And the sales method by the consumer`s direct purchase like sales corner and chain stores, etc. becomes a main stream from the existing visiting sales method. Recently, it is a state that the impulse purchasing becomes weigh in the point of purchase more. This study is to recognize these realities again and to analyze the quality of cosmetics package in general. Also, it is to grope for the quality of new package and the development of after-processing method as direction to the development. This study is to examine the history of change in the domestic cosmetics package and the present state about the quality of cosmetics package, etc. through general investigation of cosmetics package for enhancing the brand image in the cosmetics package design and for studying the quality of new package and the after-processing method that can make it differentiate. Also, it is to study the method for development for solving it by the expression of problems on the domestic cosmetics package through the analysis of cosmetics on the aspect of package design.
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