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Vol.7, No.0, 84 ~ 97, 2002
A Research Study on Layouts in American Magazines - With Priority Given to American Magazine Advertisements in Modern Times -
김영식 , 강영수
In the 21st century, information and culture seem to dominate many aspects of human life. Advertising, as a form of visual communication, has played an increasingly more prominent role in the intermationalization, antifeudalization anddiversification of societies. With the increasing influences of advertisements, there is also a rise in cirticism pointed at advertisements. This issue needs to be clarified. Does advertisement media really communicate rational visual information to the consumer`s purchasing decision? If so, do advertisements accomplish this primarily through conveying visual information? Therefore, this research focused on the necessary visual elements of advertisements found in modern American magazines. After the Second World War, magazines and publications, TV, and the advertisement field have changed remarkably. In particular, 1950`s magazine advertisement industry went through a printing techniques revolution through an elaborative photocopy printing technipues named " full color reproduction." Advanced printing techniques and photography were adopted and applied experimentally to a wide range of fields, which, in turn, brought about the developmenet of graphic design and increasing participation of graphic designers in diverse media. Based on these characteristics, this period could be called the golden age of American magazine advertisements. And it developed while advertisements accomplished their own purpose of conveying appropriate visual information. From this analysis and research have done on visual elements of magazine advertisements such as layouts. I expect that useful reference materials will be formed to raise a growing model for Korean magazine advertisements.
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