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Vol.7, No.0, 46 ~ 65, 2002
A Study on Image Expression Technique of Advertising Animation
Recently, using animation to advertising is a part of trend of visualization in the modern society. But it is easy to differentiate it from the other advertising and it gives the customers intimate because it uses excellent originality and various expression techniques, advantages of animation. However, although it uses animation to advertising unconditionally, it is difficult to get effectiveness of advertising. The reason is why animation advertising for interest does not notice the products for public relations. If the selection of character is wrong or there is no originality or it does not give the customers a feeling of intimacy, there is no significance used in animation to advertising. On a basis of this situation, this study is to execute experimental research for grasping a factor which customers like among expression factors of animation and a method how to produce in the production of CF by target. The object of the first survey was an expert group that produced advertising professionally. The object of the second survey was a customer who met with advertising. As expression factors of animation creative, it classifies four factors: subject matters, patterns, emotions and techniques. First it classifies CF that a man, an animal and a man and an animal make an appearance simultaneously as subject materials for expression of animation. Second, it classifies in comics and pictures as expression techniques of animation. Third, it classifies plane and cubic patterns of animation. Lastly, it investigates it by classifying Korean-like and Western-like in the emotional aspect of expression. As a result of measuring 4 factors of preference in the experimental survey, the factor that the customers recognized most was animation techniques. The picture-like factor preferred the comic-like as a result of investigation. Also, a kind of materials was highly regarded among expression factors. When it was made the whole age as an object, the pattern of animation with most effective to the customers was animal-like, picture-like, cubic-like and Korean-like as an order. Accordingly, in producing CF being object of a target without subdivision, when it is produced by constituting animal-like, picture-like, cubic-like and Korean-like factors of expression among animation factors, it may give the customers strong impression.
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