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Vol.1, No.0, 97 ~ 119, 1996
A Study on the shape character of the primitive art in illustration and the domain extension of modern illustration
Even if primitive art had printed off it`s footprint distinctly on the world art, it really make me feel sorry that the most people don`t know the meaning of primitive art until now. The primitive art is the character that shows the phases of the primitive ages well. Although the primitive art containing the magical, sorcerous contents looks somewhat different from the modern art, it shows the spirit of that times with insight well. In a sense, the primitive art is more realistic and objective than the modern art. The primitive art is explained properly by the word of `prehistoric` rather than the world of `history`. The `history` means the history of the records written by the medium of scripts. The primitive art had been expressed by the picture itself rather than scripts because although the meaning of the primitive art is identical with scripts, it is more or less nreasonable that the primitive art had been expressed by scripts. Therefore when we discuss the primitive art, we should avoid the word of `history` as much as possible. In the early stage of the 20th century, the illustration work has taken charged of by painters. Although the behaviors of the modern painters are culturally, environmentally, politically different from those of the primitive times artists, the proposition of informing the meaning of their paintings through visualization is the same. The participant scope of illustration is gradually expanding now from painters, visual designers, cartoonists, critics and character designers to the ordinary peoples being interested in illustration and the specific peoples having the ability of making a visual thing the meaningful shape. According in that we can conclude that the origin of illustration goes back the beginning of humankind appearance. As the illustration plays an important part in the stream of modern arts and the function of the information society these days, it has penetrated the every visual culture having relation with a society and become a kind of the social arts field. Therefore the illustration has to come into closer relation with the general public and be in harmony with them, and it should grow to be the most human arts. In the 20th century, the deep interest in the primitive art, which has been on the rise as the mechanical civilization develops rapidly, last constantly. That is the reason of the behavior pattern of humankind based on the humankind`s basic behaviors. According to those behavior patterns, the primitive men made their vivid on the spot experience the formative beauty directly. The recurrent mentality to the nature of the humankind yearning for the pure and primitive instinct affect the modern men living in the mechanical and standardized civilized life too. We should relive the strong creative power comprised in the primitive art for the creation of the new humanism and the enhancement of humanity. Because that is the source of inspiring the modern men, who is being hardened by the mechanical civilization, with dreams and imaginations. And because the modern men`s endeavor to restore humanity can get the effect of life power transmitted to humankind is inner world by approaching more intimately the primitive art. The purpose of this study is to grasp the concept of the primitive art which is the origin of tough life power and pureness, and to analyze the formative sense being expressed in the primitive art by space sense, color sense and motion sense. After that the influence of the primitive art on the modern illustration is taken a glance at.
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