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Vol.1, No.0, 11 ~ 28, 1996
Refinement of Visual Signs for the Everland
The development of the industrial culture has made a man to think the recovery of humanism and choose the active leisure. But the expansion of quantity has not made the quality grown. Sign system is the only communication between resort and the person who want to enjoy in there. However the visual sign including incorrect, misleading and unknown sign or symbol add streath to person occasionally. Only visual sign can guide easily the person some place where everyone wants to get there. In this respect, the visual sign of resort has only elementary function in our country. The special characteristics of resort gathers person who has different level of knowledge, live any place and different culture area. Therefore, in order to satisfy the above chacteristics the visual sign in resort must be the result of well designed. In this paper, all sign in searching area were classified into there fields such as sing of zoo, botanical and the rest. Then common problem which was involved in the Everland. As the above result, lackin of design room was most important mistake in there. So, such of improvised and disunited sign was made new sign is needed. This paper offers the fact that present visual sign does not mean simple function for indication. Such of that visual sign must be independent element fot recrtation. A humorous, familiar and expressive sign makes man comfortable and in such atmosphere person can be comunicated with beautiful and functional sign.
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