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Vol.4, No.0, 176 ~ 189, 1999
A Study on Public Service Advertising Poster Design for Traffic Safety
최귀영Gui Young Choi,김진석Jin Suk Kim
Pluralization of industrial structures and economic and social changes along with economic growth require that we should seek after rapidity and efficiency in our daily life. We need convenient means of transportation so as to meet our desires, the by-product of which is thought to be traffic accidents. Nowadays traffic accidents are one of serious social problems highly developed social is confronted with. Traffic is a complex of pedestrians, vehicles, roads, facilities, and it is operated by them. The insecurity of one of these factors sometimes can result in a traffic accident, but in most cases some factors cause it to happen by reciprocal action. The cause of traffic accidents can be classified into the following two : reckless driving and drunk driving. The one results from speeding and traffic violation, and the other is an inhumane driving which foreshadows an impending danger the moment a drunk driver touches his or her steering wheel. Public service advertising plays a role of a solver who can settle social problems. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to investigate and analyze the miserable results of great disasters centering around the two causes of reckless driving and drunk driving which can be causative of traffic accidents in nine cases out of ten, and make posters for traffic safety, and warn possessors of driver`s licenses as many as 18 million of the danger of traffic accidents as a series of traffic safety campaigns, and persuade them to prevent accidents from occurring.
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