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Vol.4, No.0, 104 ~ 120, 1999
A study on school system for a special quality of industrial design colleges
김영식Young Sil Kim,이재호Jae Ho LEE
About 50 years have passed since the industrial Design was established in Korea. During this period, it`s craft and design have played an important role enlarging the national competitive ability and in developing the people`s lives. The important of Industrial Design and its education is increasing day by day because it can be a new basic foundation in national industry in order to become the central nation of the world in 21th century. Especially the education of Industrial Design in junior college has taken a central part in extending the enterprise and the nation. But now, the education of Industrial Design is not playing its proper role on account of some causes, the insufficient demand, the non-efficient educational system, the absence, of future-headed education etc. Therefore this study will propose a scientific and systematic method for the proper education of Industrial Design and for creating sufficient demand in industrial society.
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