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Vol.4, No.0, 66 ~ 85, 1999
A Study on The Simulation of the Establishment of a Firm Specialized in Venture Design for the 21st Century Knowledge - based Business Centering around the Case of the Establishment of a Venture Enterprise , KDI ( Kim , Kyung-Hun Design Institute )
김경훈Kyung Hun Kim
In the 21st century knowledge-and-information-oriented age, individual diversity is emphasized, and information acquisition and consumption levels are heightened. This trend of the times refuses to accept the mass production system centering around the competition in price. In consequence, inevitably does come the age of value created in which quality goods are produced by the multikind and small quantitiy production system. Design along with information and communication as 21st century knowledge-based business is gaining ground as a main factor national competitiveness is dependent upon in this age. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to analyze the process and realities of the establishment of a firm specialized in venture design, both one of knowledge-based business and one factor which decides whether in the knowledge-and-information-oriented age, the millennium, our country will gain ground as one of the leading countries in the world or it will set in the west just like the twilight of the 20th century, and try to pave the way to promote the establishment of design venture required by this age. In a knowledge-based economic society, working methods are more important than working hours, and technical knowledge is more important than general knowledge. Desire for self-achievement is to be stronger than unilateral sense of loyalty to an organization. For the country in which there are many men of great originality who can enhance value added through incessant self-improvement, self-development and self -reformation can secure competitiveness among nations in the upcoming century.
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