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Vol.3, No.0, 85 ~ 94, 1998
The meaningful functions and analysis of signs . focused on the semiotic analysis of some examples in advertisement
임성환Sung Hwan Lim
After 1970s sales have been focused in the sense that sellers deliver the products as special meanings which reflect their distinctive features rather than they sell the products which only show their physical traits. This change has been resulted from the better understanding of marketing management, emphasis on the importance of the advertising messages, and appearance of new diversified scientific advertising marketing techniques. Therefore the semiotics in the advertisement is very useful area of communication, because we can analyze the culture of consumers, the behavior of consumers and the meaning which lies in the products and advertisement and also because it creates new meaning actively. With this hypothesis the main discourse will show the common meaning of the signs which is created through both of the natural and artificial images, the functions and roles of the signs which deliver messages through media, analysis of their influence in terms of psychological stimulus, tracking the continuous relations between the signs and reason, and the logical background which will help us to produce effective advertising messages based on the data obtained. Accordingly we could measure the effect that the signs influence upon the people`s psychology and the process of thinking and we could search the characteristic of signs in group as a common meaning. With the proper usage of signs we also could find the possibility that the effect of delivering messages can be maximized.
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