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Vol.2, No.0, 27 ~ 43, 1997
A Study in Lay-out Techniques & Editorial Design Simulation at Cyber Frames
봉상균Sang Kyun Bong,김경훈Kyung Hun Kim
The more our chlture and relies on information industry and technological innovations, the more our every day life and work environments are permeated with multimedia. Printed matter, which has become unavoidable part of our modern life, is one of the basic sources of knowledge and information, commercial or otherwise. The 21st-century will see various changes in printed media as the present society is moving along the information highway. It is also said, quite accurately, that the making of future information society will be expedited through radical developments in printed matter. Improvements of editorial designs in every printed media will help facilitate the aforementioned process : more specifically, the lay-out techniques and the grid methods will prove essential to new editorial designs geared toward the next century. Thus, this study aims to present concrete examples to help illustrate various editorial lay-out techniques and space concepts-and their simulations, too. Needless to say, all this will help contribute to the innovation of printed matter much needed in modern society.
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