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Vol.2, No.0, 1 ~ 12, 1997
A study of Herbert Bayer's visual communication design
문태선Tae Sun Moon
Visual Design Arts has been recently expanded in its domain as its field was subdivided in accordance with the industrialization and information of society. It is becoming a means in the information era as it approaches to the field of science and thechnology departing from formative arts. However, we can find that the work of arts is possible without sacrificing intervention and vision of artists for the society of information, industrialized structure and mechanicles as its design seeks to integrete arts and life through Herbert Bayer, 1900~1985, who got lesseons and worked in the days of Modernism. It is thought that the era of Modernism belongs to the modern ages in design field but the education in design field takes its procedure important even in recent days as well as modern days because it should look back the past through the present. The objective of examining Herbert Bayer in Bauhaus days and his activities in America, a country of high commecialism, is significant to study the relation with the formative arts in the education, the importance of designers and usefulness in Visual Design Arts.
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