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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.82, No.0, 89 ~ 99, 2024
A Case Study on the Development of Cultural Products Based on Vernacular Design for the Image of Busan Gamcheon Culture Village
볜쯔야 Ziya Bian , 이지혜 Jihye Lee
Background To better promote Korean culture and showcase Korea's unique urban image, it is necessary to begin with regional characteristics and seek Vernacular design elements that reflect the lives of the public. Cultural products serve as an important measure of traditional culture and the region's level of expressive skills. Therefore, this study aims to develop cultural product designs that reflect the characteristics of Gamcheon Culture Village's Vernacular design, aiming to increase tourists' purchase intention and enhance the local image. Methods Through literature research, field research, and interviews with residents, the elements of the Vernacular design contained in Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan were summarized. Based on this, cultural products were developed. Finally, the cultural products were evaluated through a questionnaire survey. Result Tourists hold a high level of overall satisfaction with the Vernacular design of cultural products in Gamcheon Culture Village. Positive evaluations were received for aesthetic, reality, creativity, design, marketability, and traditional aspects, in addition to product functionality. Conclusion This survey validates the cultural products of Gamcheon Culture Village, affirming the reliability of Vernacular design. This study aims to contribute to related fields by showcasing an effective utilization of Vernacular Design rooted in the history of local residents for future cultural product development.
Key Words
부산 감천문화마을, 버내큘러 디자인, 문화상품 개발, Busan Gamcheon Culture Village, Vernacular Design, Cultural Product Development
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