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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.82, No.0, 65 ~ 77, 2024
The Sizing Establishment of Vest-Type Posture Correctors Reflecting the 8th Size Korea Measurements
이소영 So-young Lee
Background With the increasing use of smart devices, the number of patients with cervical and lumbar disc issues has been steadily rising, leading to a widespread availability of posture correctors for correction. However, the currently available vest-type posture correctors on the market do not adequately reflect recent anthropometric data. Therefore, this study aims to establish and provide the optimal size intervals and distribution for vest-type posture correctors, taking recent anthropometric data into account. The goal is to enable practical utilization of this information by industries, ultimately enhancing consumer satisfaction. Methods A total of 5,092 individuals, comprising 2,319 men and 2,773 women aged 20 to 69, participated in the 8th Size Korea survey. Based on the bivariate distribution table of height and waist circumference variances, the distribution rates and the number of sizes were determined for each segment. Using this information, sizes for men, women, and unisex categories were established. Result Sizes were established, maintaining a occurrence rate of 4% or higher, resulting in 8 sizes for men, 7 sizes for women, and 9 sizes for unisex. The coverage rates were 78.4% for men, 76.5% for women, and 73.8% for unisex. Overlapping size designations between men and women were found in sizes 163-80 and 163-90. Conclusion The sizes with the highest occurrence rates were men's 170-90, women's 163-70, and unisex 164-80, while those with the lowest occurrence rates were men's 163-80, women's 170-70, and unisex 156-90. Therefore, in determining the production quantity in the industry, it would be efficient to consider producing more of the sizes with higher occurrence rates and less of those with lower occurrence rates
Key Words
사이즈 설정, 조끼형 자세교정기, 치수체계, Sizing establishment, Sizing system, Vest-type posture corrector
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