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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.82, No.0, 55 ~ 65, 2024
A Study on Brand Marketing Strategy Using Cartoons - Focusing on cases of Korean and Chinese brands -
왕홍 Wang Hong
Background With the development of the times, consumers are increasingly accepting of different types of brand marketing methods, leading to increasingly diverse brand marketing strategies. Especially by utilizing the brand marketing strategy of comics, certain success has been achieved. Comics, as an intuitive and understandable medium, can help brands more effectively convey their value, establish emotional connections, and influence consumer purchasing decisions. Methods Consider the cultural characteristics of each brand's comic marketing. Emphasize how the unique cultural backgrounds of each brand are coordinated with the marketing strategy of the manga, and explain how they are depicted in the manga. For different regions and diverse audiences, it is necessary for brands to collaborate with comic content to ensure cultural appropriateness and relevance. Adjust the discussion on existing brand stories and propose new methodologies that align with comics. Result It can be seen that in the use of comics for brand marketing, the sales and promotional influence of the brand have been well affected. Rising sales, brand loyalty, and intensified brand image. The concept of traditional culture has been incorporated into the marketing strategy of comics. Each character can see cultural differences. Conclusion The possibility of using comics for brand marketing was analyzed. With the recent changes in the market environment, the demand for marketing methods has become increasingly high, and using comics for brand marketing has played an important role. Through this study, with the dissemination of creative methodologies and the increase of examples, more practical comic marketing can be ensured in the future.
Key Words
브랜드, 만화, 마케팅 전략, brand, cartoon, marketing strategy
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