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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.82, No.0, 27 ~ 43, 2024
Comparison and Development Research of Traditional Purse in Korea and China
양양 Yang Yang , 이경용 Kyoung-yong Lee
Background This study focuses on the unique traditional cultures formed over thousands of years by Korea and China, central to Eastern culture. Particularly, traditional clothing and accessories, including traditional pouches, represent a significant part of their historical heritage. These pouch, which was born from the structural limitations of pocketless clothing, has deep historical, symbolic, and aesthetic value. Methods This study examined the development and evolution of traditional pouches through literature review, comparative analysis, and case studies, identifying cultural differences between Korea and China based on usage and symbolism. It provided an in-depth understanding of the historical and cultural significance of these pouches. Furthermore, the study analyzed their transformation in modern society through contemporary design and technology, exploring the reinterpretation of traditional elements in modern fashion and design. Result TThe results showed that Korean and Chinese traditional pouches, despite varying forms and styles, possess unique aesthetic and cultural symbolism, offering more than mere decoration by combining functional and practical values. In contemporary society, they undergo a transformation from traditional to modern, with designers exploring the integration of traditional elements into modern lifestyles. Conclusion The study concludes that traditional pouches, enduring craftsmanship loss and fashion shifts, continue evolving and adapting to modern lifestyles. Their functions are integrated into modern handbags, backpacks, and multi-purpose bags, exemplifying continuity between tradition and modernity and enhancing multi-purpose functionality while preserving cultural values.
Key Words
전통 주머니, 동양 문화, 리디자인, Traditional Pocket, Oriental culture, Redesign
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