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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.82, No.0, 17 ~ 27, 2024
Exploring of the Ethical Standards of Creative activities using Generative AI - The Cartoonist on online -
장순규 Soonkyu Jang
Background Recently, there is a problem of damaging the original contents as webtoons through generative AI. As above, since generative AI generates an image based on deep-learning data, it can be directly connected to the problem of damaging original contents and plagiarism. Therefore, this research aims to focus on the methodology according to design ethics so that the original contents can be protected in creative images using generative AI. Methods Accordingly, this research was judged that the situation, in which images were simply created through generative AI that learned the drawing style of web-toon cartoonists and the data of the original setting, would have problems with copyright infringement and design ethics of the original. In this situation, a pre-test was conducted on writers or aspiring writers who worked as web-toonist on the web-toon service or online as like SNS. As a result of the pre-test, it was confirmed that they were aware of the negative perception of generative AI and the problem of their work damage. Result Based on pre-test results, this research tried to present a paradigm model for the situation of 'degree of work imitation' and 'using the works of the deceased', which are social and ethical problems. After confirmation as above, this research proposed an ethical constraint paradigm model of AI used for prevention about drawing style of web-toon based on the grounded theory. Conclusion In conclusion, this research would like to be helped to protect the right of original webtoon drawing work from generative AI.
Key Words
생성형 AI, 디자인 윤리, 저작권, Generative AI, Ethical of Design, Copyright
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