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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.82, No.0, 7 ~ 17, 2024
Qualitative Research on Qualities Defining One’s Home for Single-person Households among Korean University Students - based on Y University students residing near campus -
Sunwoo Lee , Hyun-kyung Lee , Sang-eun Oh
Background This study aimed to examine the qualities that define a home for Korean single-households in their 20s who are undergoing the initial experience of independence by living away from their family homes and forming perceptions of their own home. The definition of the concept of home goes beyond providing physical protection to encompass psychological attachment, while the diversity of households and cultural factors further complicate its understanding. Methods Based on conducted literature review and in-depth interviews, this study reorganized a list of qualities for defining one’s home. Through interviews on 10 Korean university students living alone, concepts identified from prior research were updated according to cultural and social context. Result The list of qualities were reorganized according to elements the demographic prioritizes based on categories of 3 aspects. The personal aspect remained important for emotional attachment. The physical aspect was considered particularly significant, while the social aspect was taken less into consideration and had notable changes. Insights found from in-depth interviews were the duality of home, elements of characterization within a home, and separation from social relationships. Perceptions on dual or multiple ‘homes’ naturally emerged for the demographic group; elements that make one’s home unique divided interviewees into two groups; and the population commonly sought for personal space, separating external social relationships from home. Conclusion This study carries significance in that it sought to update traditional notions of home and identify key elements that contribute to creating a home-like environment for the specific demographic.
Key Words
Design Culture, Residential environment, User experience
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