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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.74, No.0, 119 ~ 129, 2022
Improvement of Design Similarity Judgment Criteria in Product Design
서홍석 Hong-seok Seo
Background Current design similarity judgment is mainly made through comparison of commonalities and differences based on form, but it is insufficient in presenting objective grounds for judgment because it is rather subjective and qualitative. It is required to improve the design similarity judgment criteria that can protect such design changes. Methods Implications for the design similarity standard were derived through theoretical review of design similarity standards under the Design Protection Act and related prior studies, product design dispute cases, and comparative studies on design similarity standards in major foreign countries. Results First, It is necessary to consider the design freedom according to product characteristics and the setting of similar widths (ranges) based on the flow of prior designs. It is necessary to develop a design similarity judgment program based on the design modeling trend for each product group and use the similarity judgment scale. Second, It is necessary to reflect the viewpoint of general consumers in terms of increasing the reliability of similarity judgment results. The current subjective and qualitative judgment method that compares and judges only with the form factor can be supplemented. Third, the aesthetic element can be seen to be related to the design similarity judgment in the sense that it creates the overall impression of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to consider not only the shape but also the aesthetic factors. Conclusion It is necessary to develop and utilize the design similarity judging scale, to reflect the general consumer's point of view, and to consider aesthetic factors. It is expected that such a necessity can be a way to supplement the objectivity of the current design similarity judgment.
Key Words
디자인 심사기준, 디자인 유사 판단기준, 비교고찰, Design Judgment Criteria, Design Similarity Judgment Criteria, Comparative Consideration
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