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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.74, No.0, 73 ~ 85, 2022
Framework for Comparative Analysis of Usability of GUI Components by a Mobile Operating System
김종희 Jong-hee Kim , 이화세 Hwa-sei Lee
Background In order to derive the comparison result by the operating system of the mobile application, it is necessary to have an objective index that can understand the difference between each element. Therefore, this study provides the basic material for establishing a unified component of mobile graphical user interface (GUI) components and presents a methodology for experimentation. Methods Elements applicable to mobile GUI components derived through previous studies were reconstructed to suit common elements for each mobile operating system. We proposed the process of setting up a prototype scope and building a launcher app and an app for each page to compare and deploy the iOS and the material design. Then, the task scenario to be performed by the subject was set. Result In this study, a total of three types of data were derived. Prototype development and a distribution method were presented by deriving an integrated common mobile element in the first phase and setting a workflow for comparison in the second phase. In the third phase, using usability evaluation as an example, a methodology to compare mobile factors was proposed by setting task scenarios. Conclusion Based on these results, an integrated framework that can perform comparative analysis of mobile GUI components between two different operating systems is proposed. This study is expected to contribute to related research while being flexibly applicable to the changing mobile trend.
Key Words
모바일 GUI, 컴포넌트, 프레임 워크, Mobile GUI, Component, Framework
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