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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.74, No.0, 35 ~ 47, 2022
Analysis and Applications of Aluminum as a Base Material for Chasing
김문정 Moon-jeong Kim , 안순주 Soon-joo Ahn
Background Chasing is a traditional technique that shows the attribute of punch stretchability when its base metal is treated physically and is found among well-known excavated artifacts. However, this skill requires various repeated processes, resulting in manual work steps, which leads to limited productivity. Also, the rise in the price of the raw material adds to its disadvantage. These factors cause current craft artists to be distanced from this technique. Given the problems of chasing, this study focuses on aluminum as a base material for chasing, which will be a viable alternative for the conventional base metal. Methods Analysis of preceding studies and bibliographies can give you a snapshot picture of the historical background and characteristics of chasing. In addition, the comparison between conventional base metals and aluminum has been conducted. Case studies of craft pieces of work using an aluminum base has also been conducted, which can give you a clue of the profitability of an aluminum base. Aluminum base material is suitable for chasing. Experimentations including machine processing and manual processing have been conducted. Result First, when compared with conventional base metals for chasing, aluminum still has the same inherent quality of punch stretchability of conventional chasing. The price of chasing is very low and chasing has the effect of increasing the speed of processing. Second, the observation of international traditional craft pieces and contemporary pieces of this genre suggested that an aluminum base is a material that enables to highlight sophisticated qualities, which chasing could be capable of expressing. Third, processing the aluminum base could repeat the same effect as in case of conventional base metal. Conclusion This study in the processing of aluminum reassures the sufficient potential of aluminum as a base metal for chasing. This paper will have a potential sustainable reference for craft artists including people performing sheet metal work in connection with the potentialities of aluminum as a base metal.
Key Words
돋을새김 기법, 알루미늄, 금속 조형, Chasing, Aluminum, Metal Craft
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