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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.74, No.0, 23 ~ 34, 2022
A Study on Intermediate Space of Linear Park Using Abandoned Railroad Site - Focus on domestic and foreign cases -
원영기 Yong-qi Yuan , 오수현 Soo-hyun Oh , 윤갑근 Gab-geun Yoon
Background Railroad facilities have been widely distributed in each country and region, but the treatment of recently discarded railway facilities has become a concern for many people. Many countries use industrial heritage facilities as complex cultural spaces, but some activated facilities do not function properly. Depending on the linear characteristics of the abandoned railroad, it was used as a linear park and became a public space in the city, making it a mediating space for connecting various areas in the city. This study aims to explore the various development possibilities and values of linear parks that are being used in this way by using linear parks that activated abandoned railroads as intermediary spaces in the city. Methods The case analysis framework is extracted by examining space and characteristics through theoretical considerations and previous studies on abandoned railway sites, linear parks, and intermediate spaces. Through case analysis, the characteristics are summarized, the role of linear parks using abandoned railroads as a mediating space for cities is derived in detail, and the direction of future development of related cases is explored. Result Through previous studies, it was found that the linear park, where abandoned railroads were activated, not only serves as a public space for cities, but also affects urban development as a means of urban regeneration, and becomes a mediating space connecting each area in the city. Through case analysis, specific effects were analyzed as a mediating space for linear parks that activate abandoned railroads. Linear parks that activated abandoned railroads are representative public spaces in cities that highlight local and cultural elements based on people's use, and should effectively connect each area of the city to lead the development of the city. Conclusion Linear parks used as abandoned railroads formed a good medium space in the city. Through domestic and foreign cases, the size and facilities of the linear park used are determined according to the development situation of the city, and the structure and facilities of the abandoned railway will affect not only the spatial structure of the linear park but also the mediating space. Specifically, it is expressed as a cry for the historical memory of the city, affects the participation and use of urban residents and tourists on the effective connection of spaces and the arrangement of facilities in the city, and also affects the development of the city. In the future, the possibility of linear parks used as abandoned railroads should be further expanded through continuous research depending on the use situation of people.
Key Words
폐철도 부지, 선형공원, 매개공간, Waste railway site, linear park, mediated space
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