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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.74, No.0, 7 ~ 23, 2022
The Interpretation of Costume in the Film ‘Cruella’ Based on Morris’s Aesthetic Semiotics
안미화 Mi-hwa An , 장애란 Ae-ran Jang
Background The purpose of this study is to investigate whet her visual images of film costumes expressing the story of movie and character image can convey meaning through language based on Morris’s aesthetic semiotics. Methods Theoretic research, through precedent research, books, internet searches, interview articles, and VOD, the study considers Morris’s aesthetic semiotics and analysis the story and the character image about the movie ‘Cruella’. Empirical research of film costumes expressing the character image of the central character were extracted. Based on Morris’s aesthetic semiotics, ‘Cruella’ was interpreted by comparative analysis focusing on the film costumes of Estella and Cruella in the double role, and Cruella and Baroness in a conflicting relationship based on the story. Result As a result of semiotic interpretation of the film costumes worn by the central characters of ‘Cruella’, it was derived that interpretation was possible in the iconic dimension(form, color, material, style) of the film costume in the aesthetic syntactics, the semantic action dimension(character expression, expression of conflict structure) in the aesthetic semantics, and functional use dimension(conveyance of the character’s psychology, conveyance of dramatic effect) in the aesthetic pragmatic. Based on the derived results, the meaning expressed as a visual language for film costumes was structured as a language. Conclusion In consequence of analyzing the visual image language of film costumes based on aesthetic semiotics theory, the possibility of the meaning conveyance function as a visual language can be established as a linguistic structure.
Key Words
미학기호이론, 언어구조화, 영화의상, Language structure, Aesthetic semiotics, Film costume
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