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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.71, No.0, 39 ~ 49, 2021
Preference Comparison and Evaluation Model Before and After Renewal of University Symbol marks in 2010-2020
저우이쉬안 Yi-xuan Zhou , 김태완 Tai-wan Kim
Background With the dramatic changes in the educational environment in the 21st century, universities are increasingly competing for student retention, social support and so on. In order to strengthen their competitiveness through the innovation of image, domestic universities are implementing the innovation strategy of university identity which takes the renewal of symbol mark as the core. However, in the upsurge of renewal, because there is no evaluation mechanism for the actual effect, so there are voices of skepticism. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the degree of preference before and after the update of university symbol marks in recent years, and build an evaluation model. Methods This study compared and evaluated each evaluation factor and preference among 32 before and after comparison cases of 16 universities renewed between 2010 and 2020 using independent sample t-test, using linear regression to verify the impact of each evaluation factor on the preference of university symbol. Result Based on the regression equation, the evaluation model of University symbol mark renewal is constructed, which is 16.5%, 16.4%, 15.6%, 23.6%, and 27.9% respectively in history and traditional, originality, aesthetic, sustainability and identification. Conclusion Compared with the cases before the renewal, the cases after the renewal of university symbol marks from 2010 to 2020 have a great improvement in sustainability and identification, while the originality and aesthetic have been improved, but the historical and traditional characteristics have decreased significantly. In the future renewal project, we should keep the sustainability and identification of the University symbol mark, and simplify the design elements that symbolize the culture and history of the University, so as to enhance and continue the history and traditional of the University symbol mark.
Key Words
대학 심벌마크, 심벌마크 리뉴얼, 선호도 비교, University Symbol mark, Symbol mark Renewal, Preference Comparison
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