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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.71, No.0, 29 ~ 39, 2021
The Effect of Face Mask Design on User's Face Mask Recognition and Purchase Behavior
서승교 Seung Kyo Seo , 이현경 Hyun-kyung Lee
Background With the increasing global risk of infectious diseases caused by the COVID-19 virus, users' demand for personal hygiene products is increasing differently than before. In addition, wearing a mask that has been different from the likes and dislikes according to cultural and customary influencing factors is being learned by people as an almost mandatory recommendation, but the controversy over the pros and cons is growing. This indicates that consideration of personal cognitive factors other than functional factors should be reflected in the design of hygiene products, but discussion on this has been insufficient so far. Methods An experiment was conducted to evaluate the image before and after wearing a mask and an online questionnaire about mask use behavior among the survey participants. First, in order to understand the effect of the mask on the user's image, the participants were asked to evaluate the image before and after wearing the mask of each age model and to compare the differences. Next, the influence of each design factor of the mask on purchasing behavior was identified. Result Factors to be considered in the aspect of mask design and use, and the direction of mask design were proposed. First, it was confirmed that the design element of the mask has an effect of positive reinforcement on the user's image, and second, when purchasing a mask, it increases confidence in product purchase, and finally, it has an effect on satisfaction while wearing it. Conclusion Through this result, four mask design improvement directions were proposed: 1) 'Let the user's image be positively reinforced', 2) 'Reflect the convenience considering the wearing time', 3) 'Be able to check safety during use', 4) 'Consider the context before and after using the mask.
Key Words
마스크 디자인 요소, 마스크 디자인 구매 행동, 마스크 문화, Face Mask Design Norm, Face Mask Purchase Behavior, Face Mask Culture
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