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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 109 ~ 123, 2021
Mobile Application Icons based on the Principles of Material Design
김종희 Jong-hee Kim , 이화세 Hwa-sei Lee
Background When designing a mobile banking application, it is required to maintain consistency within the app to unify the user experience of the UI design, and in oorder to increase the usability of the application, basic data are needed to compare and analyze the icons of the mobile operating system according to the guidelines. Methods Through prior research, we identified the necessary production guidelines for each item when designing a navigation design icon for Material Design. Among these items, several items not related to Android application creation were excluded. Based on the derived material design icon creation guidelines, the icons of the target application's Bottom Navigation Bar were classified into design principles, grid and keyline shapes, system icon structures, and colors, and measured values according to detailed guidelines. Then, we checked whether there were any differences in the measurement values for the target icon compared to the material design system icon creation guidelines. Result In the design principle, the proportions of those who meet the guidelines and those who do not appear similar. In the shape of the grid and the key line, the size items did not all match, but the layout, key line, and sharpness all matched. In the system icon structure, all corner radii did not coincide, and most of the lines did not coincide. Most of the complex forms coincide, and all the margins coincide. There was no object in color that met the principle. Conclusion This study proposed a method to design and supplement icons according to the material design production guidelines when designing Android mobile banking applications. This will help to identify and improve icon design problems within the application.
Key Words
아이콘, 모바일 UI, 머티리얼 디자인, Icon, Mobile UI, Material Design
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