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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 85 ~ 97, 2021
Development of Traditional Chinese Funeral Scenarios Using Persona-Based Scenarios - Focusing on traditional funeral in Qinghai Province, China -
왕샤오전 Xiao-zhen Wang , 이명희 Myung-hee Lee
Background Based on the current state of traditional funerals in Qinghai Province, China today, this study sought ways to resolve the conflict between traditional funerals and the demands of modern people in a rapidly developing society, and further presented the direction of future services of traditional funerals that meet the needs of modern people. Methods In order to achieve the purpose of the research, the status of existing traditional funeral services was grasped through on-site investigation on traditional funeral in Qinghai Province and interviews with officials. Two key types of customer itinerary maps were set up among stakeholders of different positions and two types of customer itinerary maps based on context scenarios were created to identify problems with tangible and intangible services at traditional funerals. Result On the problems found, the idea of Internet funeral broadcasting was presented in consideration of today's trend of high Internet penetration and rapid development of real-time broadcasting. Based on the idea of an online funeral, a major path scenario was created. Finally, a service blueprint was produced and verified through interviews with actual Qinghai traditional funeral stakeholders. Conclusion Funeral services presented in this study are expected to improve the situation of traditional Chinese funerals today. It is expected that it will be able to become a circular economic model that focuses on the sustainability of future society, such as preservation of traditional culture, environmental protection, and economic aspects, as well as smooth communication between funeral owners, participants, local governments and funeral industry workers.
Key Words
전통 장례, 페르소나 기반 시나리오, 서비스디자인, Traditional Funeral, Persona-based Scenario, Service Desgn
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