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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 71 ~ 85, 2021
A Study on the Health Care Jewelry Design Using Biorhythm Sensor - Focusing on Bracelets Incorporating a New-tro Design -
이희진 Hee-Jin Lee , 문선영 Sun-young Moon
Background The market size of wearable devices, accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, is gradually expanding. However, currently, the smart jewelry market is not easily approaching consumers compared with other wearable devices. This study aims to suggest the smart jewelry design as a fashion jewelry item that consumers prefer by grafting smart jewelry onto the New-tro design, which is the fad now. Methods It identified the definition, type, and current state of wearable devices and grafted the New-tro fashion trend such as the patterns of check, dot, and flower patterns through existing precedent researches. It is planning to design by grafting enameling, which is a technique for decorating metals with colors, onto healthcare smart jewerly. Result The results of this research first proved the necessity of a healthcare wearable device based on an actual case of receiving the help of a healthcare wearable device. Previous studies showed that smart jewelry offers few health care benefits; thus, this study shows how to make a biorhythm sensor-equipped wristwatch-type smart bracelet that can be always on and has a high degree of usability. In order to compensate for the lack of aesthetic beauty due to the focus on health care functional aspects of the bracelet, I applied a new-tro design pattern so that it can be worn as a fashion item. In addition, the range of expressions has been expanded by applying an enameled glass technique. Conclusion A differentiated design reflecting the New-tro trend in healthcare wearable devices can satisfy consumers who pursuing personality. As suggesting the wearable devices design in the future through the healthcare smart jewelry design that can meet the needs of consumers, it is expected that the healthcare function will be effective to satisfy the good needs of consumers.
Key Words
바이오리듬 센서, 헬스케어 주얼리, 뉴트로, Biorhythm Sensor, Healthcare Jewelry, New-tro
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