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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 63 ~ 71, 2021
A Study on the Spatial composition of Rhizomes in the Book Curation Bookstore
이유나 Yu-na Lee , 성가희 Ga-hee Sung , 김양지 Yang-ji Kim , 윤갑근 Gab-geun Yoon
Background Offline Bookstores have begun to pursue changes in value and horizontal interrelationships. Curation containing the meaning of the proposal was applied to the book space and began to be used as a Book Curation. Bookstore Curation bookstores show continuous development through the formation of horizontal interrelationships between bookstores and users, It wanted to apply the Rhizome linked to the concept of Book Curation to the bookstore space and use it as the basis for the background. Methods Through theoretical considerations and prior research on Book Curation bookstores and Rhizome, we explore space and characteristics and examine the correlation between the two concepts to examine the value of the study. The analysis framework was extracted by combining the spatial composition and characteristics, and the specific spatial characteristics of Rhizome were analyzed and summarized through case analysis. Result Book curation bookstores and Rhizome share conceptual context and are interrelated in many ways. Accordingly, the results of the case analysis using a combination of the analysis framework and characteristics of spatial analysis are as follows. The Program focuses on multicentric, non-hierarchical and non-linearity, and has similar results in Spatial Composition. Circulation showed heterogeneity, non-hierarchical and non-linearity. Conclusion Various user interfaces are planned to reveal spatial characteristics due to the high composition of areas such as Programs, Circulation, and bookstore Space Composition. This research is limited to spatial composition and analysis of research results, and it is necessary to study ways to enhance linkages between bookstores in the future.
Key Words
북 큐레이션, 리좀, 서점, Book Curation, Rhizome, Bookstore
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