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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 51 ~ 63, 2021
The Effects of Self-Image/Product-Image Congruence and Value Evaluation On Purchase Intention Of Up-cycling Fashion Products
박소은 So-eun Park , 황진숙 Jin-sook Hwang
Background This study categorized the up-cycling fashion products by regeneration and reform, and investigated the effects of congruence between self-image and product image on purchase intention. Also, the study determined the effects of value evaluation on purchase intention. Methods This study was conducted a survey for the female subjects in twenties to thirties who lived in Seoul and capital area. The final 265 respondents were used for the analysis of results using SPSS 24.0 program. Result The effects of self-image congruence showed that ‘professional’ and ‘sophisticated’ factors of ideal image congruence and 'unique' factor of actual image congruence were the most significant factors in purchase intention of regeneration up-cycling fashion products. Among the congruence factors of re-formed up-cycling fashion products, ‘unique’ and ‘sincerity’ were the most outstanding factors. In addition, There were positive effects of value evaluation on purchase intention. Conclusion This research has academic significance since there were very few studies regarding the effects of self-image congruence in up-cycling fashion. The results of the study could be used for developing up-cycling fashion products.
Key Words
업사이클링, 자기이미지 일치, 가치 평가, Up-cycling, Self-Image Congruence, Value Evaluation
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