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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 29 ~ 41, 2021
Types of corporate art collaboration cases and Meta-analysis of Brand effect
안신영 Sin-young Ahn
Background Modern society is an era of convergence of various disciplines and technologies, and the importance of creating new values is increasing. Therefore, companies are trying to interact in multiple fields. According to the changing times, companies are using image strategies that satisfy consumers' desire for differentiated products and stimulate emotions through art collaboration. In response, this study attempted to examine the theoretical background of art collaboration, analyse how it is used in companies through examples, and understand what effect art collaboration has on the brand through research and analysis of previous studies. Methods As the theoretical background of the research, first, we looked at the concept of art and design according to the changing times. Secondly, we looked at the concepts, backgrounds, and features of art collaboration. Third, we looked at how companies are using them through application cases of art collaboration. Fourth, through meta-analysis on art collaboration reported in previous studies, we identified its effect on the brand. Result It was confirmed through examples that art collaborates with brand products, advertisements, and spaces at the actual company site. Also, through much prior research and analysis, it was possible to judge that art collaboration can pursue corporate brands' differentiation and positively affect image improvement and added value creation. Conclusion Art collaboration is a cultural trend of the times that breaks down the boundaries between art and design and forms a new connection with industry. Type analysis showed that the brands that succeeded in art collaboration have been investing with continuous interest rather than a one-time approach. Furthermore, prior research reported that art collaboration positively affected the company's brand and value creation, so active marketing through art collaboration was expected to play a significant role in improving customer growth and sales. Therefore, more diverse artists and various types of collaboration are expected to take place, which can be expected to develop culture and arts and improve the quality of life.
Key Words
아트 콜라보레이션, 브랜드, 디자인, Art collaboration, Brand, Design
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