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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 19 ~ 29, 2021
Assessment Criteria for the Effective Implementation of VR in Modern Art Exhibitions
박상하 Sangha Park , 이현경 Hyun-kyung Lee
Background Virtual reality (VR) technology is being increasingly employed in art exhibitions worldwide. There are various reasons for such implementations, of which the most prominent is that VR technology serves to attract visitors by offering novel experiences. The article aims to answer the following esearch question: how can VR technology be employed in exhibitions as an effective communication medium? The efficacy of such technology, however, differs according to its specific traits. The paper seeks to determine how one can discern between effective and ineffective VR implementations. Methods To find assessment criteria for effective VR implementation, the paper analyzes previous literature. Moreover, the paper aims to find model cases per criterion for illustration. Results This paper proposes the use of three criteria for such differentiation: interaction, immersion, and presence. Moreover, it discusses three actual exhibitions that are representative cases for each criterion. For interaction, “We Live in an Ocean of Air” is the model case, “Lee Jung Sub VR” is a well-implemented exhibition that excels at immersion, and “Björk VR” illustrates presence. Conclusion The three criteria and model cases offer valuable guidelines for assessing VR implementation in exhibitions, aiding future exhibition coordinators to use VR technology for effectively enabling interactive experiences for visitors.
Key Words
virtual reality, art exhibition, visitor experience
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