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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.70, No.0, 7 ~ 19, 2021
The Suggestion of Education for Moving Image Design based on Design Thinking - How to Use the Education of Moving Image Design in the COVID-19 Pandemic -
한혜진 Hyejin Han
Background Recently, design thinking has popular as a new education method for educators. Design Thinking is known as the application of business using the designer's creative problem solving. Since then, the process of design thinking with five steps have been completed by IDEO, SAP, and Stanford D Schools. The process was spreading educationally. The education of design thinking is helpful in deriving creative ideas and promoting communication. Therefore, it is necessary to review whether it can be applied to other design fields as well as environment and product design. Through this study, we will research how to apply design thinking to the education of moving image design. Methods Firstly, the definition of design by designers, the design process in the design science, and the design thinking process that was widely distributed is examined. Secondly, examples of urban maintenance, school environment, and healthcare design applied the design thinking process was examined. Thirdly, it examined the linkage between the design thinking process and the production process of the moving image. Result Combining the design thinking process with the pre-production, production, and post-production, which are the three production processes of the moving image and a feedback stage can make the new type of the moving image design curriculum. This plays a role in making the educational process of the moving image design more efficient and clear. Conclusion In the education of the moving image design, it is hard to find many cases of application of design thinking. Based on this study, it is certain that the education of the moving image design applied the design thinking process makes the possible efficient.
Key Words
디자인씽킹, 영상디자인, 코로나-19 팬데믹, Design Thinking, Moving Image Design, COVID-19 Pandemic
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