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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.69, No.0, 27 ~ 37, 2020
Service Design through Utilizing Unused Green Space at the University Campus
윤원영 Wonyoung Yun , 이현경 Hyun-kyung Lee
Background The purpose of this study is to create a new leisure space and to design a new leisure cultural service contents by utilizing the unused grass field located in the campus of a University. By discovering the problem of lacking leisure areas under the circumstance of every freshman staying in the dormitory for their first year mandatorily, this study aims to design a new outdoor leisure area and a diverse leisure cultural service from utilizing the unused green space. Methods First, the survey regarding the stress during the life at the dorm, and the opinions of the utilization of the leisure spaces in a University's campus was conducted on 45 students with the experience of living in the campus dormitories. After the survey, according to the user need, The Picnic Project was planned to create unused green spaces into new leisure cultural spaces and design service contents for leisure cultural spaces. Based on the Picnic Project, small experiments and interviews were conducted to analyze whether outdoor leisure activities affect people in relieving stress. Result According to an analysis of survey and interviews through small-scale experiment, it showed that students living in a University's campus dormitory were dissatisfied with the lack of outdoor leisure space and the outdoor activities had a significant impact on stress relief. Conclusion This study contributes to the formation of a new campus culture and future landmarks for students of a University as well as residents of a City, and students of other universities in the future by designing a large unused grass field behind the University’s library into a picnic area. It also proposed a way to expand into a local outdoor leisure space by establishing itself as a continuous leisure culture for residents and the University students.
Key Words
회복환경, 녹지 공간 활용, 서비스 디자인, Restorative Environments, Green Space, Service Design
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