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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.68, No.0, 87 ~ 99, 2020
The Expression of Soju Label Design with Newtro Concept
기홍매 Hong-mei Ji , 임경호 Kyung-ho Lim
Background The "Newtro" trend, which was cited by Trend Korea 2019 as one of the consumption trends, is becoming more and more powerful in 2019. As a result, the liquor industry is also trying to reproduce past labels and release newtro products. Despite this trend, there is a lack of research that combines the brand of Neutro and liquor. Based on the logo type, color, character, illustration, and layout, which are five components of Soju label design derived from the existing research, this study aims to analyze the label design of Soju that reflects the concept of Newtro released in 2019 to provide a foothold that can be used as a basic material for the shaping aspect of Soju label design using the newtro design in the future. Methods Among the long-term brands that have been sold steadily for more than 30 years, the criteria for selecting the research targets were Hite Jinro, Daesun, Muhak, Geumbokju and Lotte Liquor, which were the top five products in the national market share of soju companies in 2019. Among them, Lotte Liquor, which does not have soju, developed with a newtro design, has extracted only the other four liquor brand products. The analysis of the research subjects was analyzed by referring to the background and process of product development, how the logo type, character, color, layout and illustration, which are the components of soju label design, are reinterpreted in concept products as new. Result The use and changes of logo types, characters, colors, layouts, and illustrations were led, and the use of logos and characters based on past label design, which had the highest consumer preference, was relatively high. The retro image of the brand's originality and Heritage focused on the unique originality and tradition of the brand through a reinterpretation of modern sensibilities. Conclusion Newtro marketing should focus not only on bringing back the old, but also on the unique originality and tradition of the brand that has long been built to suit their emotions, centering on the younger generation, who are well suited to consumer needs and have never experienced the past. And we will have to use marketing strategies that can provide consumers with new experiences with new interpretations that fit the present.
Key Words
뉴트로, 뉴트로 콘셉트, 라벨디자인, Newtro, Newtro Concept, Label Design
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