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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.67, No.0, 29 ~ 38, 2020
Study on Applying Social Tagging System for Visitor-centered Curation of Art Museums in Korea
이현경 Hyun-kyung Lee , 박수빈 Soobin Park
Background The purpose of the study is to suggest social tagging system as a method of visitor-centered curation in art museums in Korea. At the same, this study addresses the usefulness of social tagging system for expanding the meanings of art works by activating the interaction between art exhibition and visitors. Methods In particular, this study introduces the theoretical background of social tagging system, such as the concept and principle of the social tagging system. To make social tagging system more feasible in visitor-centered curation, this study presents the cases of art museum in Korea and abroad. Result Finally, the perspective taken in this study provides insights on the social tagging system for a new age in order to incorporate the visitors’ perspective into the museums’ missions and goals socially actively. Conclusion This study not only explains the technical part of the social tagging system, but also proposes the practical way to apply social tagging system to art museum to be a communicative place that provide visitor-centered curation. Based on such studies, curators need to constantly lead the participation of visitors and build the model of interactive art museum by utilizing tag data.
Key Words
소셜태깅, 관람자 중심 큐레이션, 큐레이션의 현황, social tagging, visitor-centered curation, curational practice
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