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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.67, No.0, 7 ~ 19, 2020
A Study on the Formative Characteristics of New-tro Design Expressed in Modern Fashion - Focused on Luxury, sports and street fashion brand -
김지수 Ji-soo Kim , 김미영 Young-mi Kim
Background Although New-tro is a trend that is attracting attention from all over the world, there are few papers that combine New-tro with fashion. This study analyzed the trend of New-tro design expressed in various fashion brands. Analyzing new-tro trends seems to be very relevant to current timeliness, creative, and helpful for marketing in the fashion industry. Methods For theoretical studies on fashion trends, New-tro, vintage fashion, and Ugly fashion, literature studies including the latest newspaper articles, magazines, and domestic papers were conducted. This study examined the trends of New-tro design in luxury brands, sports brands, and street brands. Result The new-tro trend of design from luxury brands (Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga, Fendi), sports brands (Fila, New-Balance, Umbro, MLB, Ellesse) and street brands (Supreme, Off-white, Tommy Hilfiger, Vetements, Nerdy) is big logos, neon colors, tie-dye, wide pants and ugly shoes. Conclusion The new-tro trend of design can be revived by fashion brands that used to be popular in the past but are now ignored by consumers. In addition, it is a trend that can be loved by fashion brands that are currently popular. The fashion industry will need to leverage New-tro's marketing strategy to deliver new consumer experiences with current interpretations targeting millennials and later Z-generation.
Key Words
패션 트렌드, 뉴트로, 빈티지 패션, Fashion trend, New-tro, Vintage-fashion
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