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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.65, No.0, 89 ~ 101, 2019
A study on Sign design according to the stage development of Incheon International Airport Terminals
황유철 You-chul Hwang , 김영희 Younghee Kim
Background Incheon International Airport, which opened in 2001, is being developed in four stages by 2023. In 2020, Incheon International Airport is planning to renewal its Incheon International Airport terminal with the opening of 20 years. Effective signing needs to be applied before the renewal business is implemented in earnest. Especially, I would like to propose an efficient plan by studying the design and sign system of guide signs of airports. Method To do this, we first analyze the case of Gimpo and Jeju airports, which are the largest of the domestic airports, and analyze the signatures of the first and second terminals at Incheon International Airport. In addition, I will compare and analyze the case of overseas excellent international airport. For efficient analysis, the target cases will be surveyed directly, the related academic data will be reviewed, and the statistics will be more objectively analyzed. Result A case study of domestic airport sign design and an analysis of Incheon International Airport site were conducted to investigate efficient sign design. However, integrated signage design through the independent sign manual of Incheon International Airport is not applied. In addition, it emphasizes only the characteristics of the airports of the best service in the world as well as domestic, and it shows the problem that the efficient sign design is not applied. Conclusion The Incheon International Airport terminal was largely applied to the 1st and 2nd terminals with different sign designs, color, letter and pictogram. Signature design reflecting integration and independence required changing the sign of Incheon International Airport. And I think it is necessary to apply digital sign system that reflects IT technology actively used in the private sector. It is also expected that this study will be a more efficient project in the Renewal project of Incheon International Airport signing currently in progress.
Key Words
국제공항 사인디자인, 사인디자인, 디지털사인, International Airport Sign Design, Sign Design, Digital sign
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