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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.65, No.0, 17 ~ 29, 2019
An Analysis of the Expression Elements of Motion Infographic Used in Korean Public Institutions
나정조 Jungjo Na , 정혜경 Haekyung Chung
Background The diversification and ease of access of digital media provide more information to information consumers and as the amount of information grows, it becomes important to select and accept the information that is needed. Motion infographic is one of the efficient delivery methods that simultaneously stimulate sense of vision and hearing among information receptors. Recently, many of them are used by public organizations as well as companies, and their use is increasing. Methods In this paper, six works of motion infographic in use by Korean public organizations were selected and analyzed by dividing them into three categories: visual, auditory, and content delivery. To increase the efficiency of motion infographic, it is important to select creative and unified graphic styles, select and limit of numbers the readability of typefaces, and use of diagrams that represent figures or charts. It also requires the use of colors that reveal the identity of a company. Using subtitles and subtitles' background color bar affect information transfer especially in the public space where cannot use sound. Transition of images and consideration of images’ composition, layout, and grid in screen is important. The use of background sound binds images together and the applying of sound effect emphasis the movement of images and image transition. In terms of information delivery, it is important to efficiently organize the information you want to convey. Result The graphic style of motion infographic used by public organizations reflected the recent trend of motion graphics and gave a concise and unified impression. The auditory elements of background sound and effect sound are used only where necessary, and the structure of linearity or changed tree form is adopted in terms of information delivery. Conclusion In this paper, motion infographic of six public institutions was divided into three frame, and the characteristics of each element were examined and how the elements were applied to form visualization of information. Based on these results, it is expected to be used as a basic material for producers of motion infographic and educational for students who produce motion infographic.
Key Words
모션 인포그래픽, 국내 공공기관, 표현 요소, motion infographic, Korean public institution, expression elements
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