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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.64, No.0, 85 ~ 94, 2019
The Influence of Agricultural Brand Storytelling Utilizing Regional Characteristics on Message Involvement and Brands
서송이 Song Yi Suh
Background Storytelling is an important strategic tool for agricultural brand design, a key factor of rural economy. Storytelling of agricultural brands is used as an important means of product differentiation through an association with the region of origin. Methods This study analyzed the influence as well as the difference between perceived quality and message involvement according to agricultural brand storytelling based on regional characteristics. The data collected through surveys among 252 respondents was analyzed by carrying out a t-test and a regression analysis. Result Results obtained from the research show that perceived quality and message involvement are important factors influencing brand attitude and purchase intention. There was a difference in message involvement according to brand storytelling techniques and gender. Conclusion This study implies that brand storytelling techniques of a low involvement product have an effect on brand attitude and purchase intention by enhancing message involvement. In addition, gender has an influence on the effect of storytelling techniques. This study provides theoretical and practical implications of psychological responses to storytelling of brand design.
Key Words
브랜드 스토리텔링, 메시지 관여도, 농식품 브랜드, Brand storytelling, Message involvement, Agricultural brand
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