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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.64, No.0, 51 ~ 63, 2019
A Study on Gamification as a Key Role in Future Civilization : Focused on the Feature of Virtual Reality
Pengfei Li , Woon-hyung Lee
Background: : It is believed that human beings have gone from 100,000 years ago to the present. They have experienced the degeneration of primitive civilization to scientific and technological civilization, completed the first leap of human civilization, and brought humanity into a highly intelligent social division of labor. Human beings have also become their own weaving. A node in the network of meaning. The game is the ninth art of mankind and the inevitable outcome of the interactive era. Some people think that it is a flood of beasts, it is an "addictive" entertainment "drugs." However, some people think that it is the future of mankind, and it is the means for human civilization to leap from the real world to the virtual world. We look at the future of mankind from the perspective of history and the development of science and technology. We find that the future brought to us by our games is looming. Methods: This paper aims to explore the relationship between gamification and civilization, also foresight the possibility of the next step of human civilization. In order to achieve this aim, previous researches, books and websites are examined and author’s work experience of relevant industries in many years are used as well. Results: Under the social division of high-tech civilization, we actively seek for the most authentic needs of mankind. Clear goals, limited rules, real-time feedback mechanisms, and proactive participation are common thinking we get from games. In the powerful torrent of technological development, we use artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality technology to practice in human society. Used in educational work and entertainment life. Conclusion: Virtualization is the carrier of human beings carrying civilization. Causality is the means by which humans perceive the world. Gaming is the tool for human beings to move into the future. Although we can't predict the specific appearance of the future, we can look into the future with historical perspective and strong and strong curiosity about scientific and technological progress.
Key Words
Gamification, Virtual reality, Future civilization
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