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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.63, No.0, 183 ~ 194, 2019
Development of Wedding Dress Design Applying Characteristics of Romanticism
사른자야 Saranzaya , 오순 Oh Soon
Background Modern wedding dress styles are highly conservative, with no drastic changes, but traditionally defined stereotyped aesthetic values are transforming into original and individual images, reflecting fashion trends. The purpose of this study is to develop creative design of wedding dresses according to the changes in fashion trends, inspired by overseas wedding dress designers. Methods Based on the previous research papers, domestic and foreign fashion magazines, books, and Internet site materials, this study is to examine the types and components of wedding dress designs and develop a unique wedding dress design, which has practice uses in modern days. Result As a result of the production of the wedding dress, there is no doubt that contemporary wedding dress style will continue to change with the social change and standards of beauty and as humans will seek deeper meanings of beauty. Conclusion It is vital that wedding dress designers realize the importance of individuality and the fulfillment of one’s desire and offer a new lifestyle rather than simply trying to meet the consumers’needs.
Key Words
웨딩드레스, 로맨티시즘, 작품개발, Wedding dress, Romanticism Development work
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