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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.63, No.0, 161 ~ 171, 2019
Proposal of Product, Service, System Design Process and Methods for Finding Business using New Technology - Focus on Biometrics Technology -
정의철 Eui-chul Jung
Background Creating the design business by utilizing key technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution is important in terms of finding the future growth engine of Korea. Biometrics technology has been evaluated as one of the core technologies and has been spreading widely in our daily lives. Therefore, the goal of this study is to propose a process and method for product, service, and system design that can create new business using new technology in case of biometric technology. Methods Based on literature review, the existing design process and methods are categorized, the basic framework is organized with them. 'User-centered technology evaluation' for analyzing new technologies such as biometrics, and 'Business model building' for linking the proposed design concept to the business viewpoint are proposed. Expert evaluation, design concept proposed for 3 years, and Ez-Finger, which was commercialized, were used to modify and elaborate the design process and method. Result The design process consisted of M1 to M15 design methods on the axes of marketing-design-technology. By attaching biometrics as a new technology example, the proposed process can be easily referenced by organizations and companies developing designs using new technologies. Conclusion The result of this research suggests a process and methods that enables the collaboration between marketing - design - technology to discover the business opportunities by exploring the user value needed for product, service and system design development using new technology. Therefore, the proposed process is expected to be useful for organizations and companies that need to create a business by linking the usefulness of new technology with user value.
Key Words
인간중심 기술 해석, 디자인 비즈니스, 디자인 프로세스와 방법, Human-centered Technology Interpretation, Design Business, Design Process & Method
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