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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.63, No.0, 139 ~ 151, 2019
A Case Study of Screen-based Web & App Design System and Artificial Intelligence-based design software
이승재 Seung-jae Lee , 반영환 Young-hwan Pan
Background The development of artificial intelligence has brought about new changes in society, and artificial intelligence technology has recently been tried in the field of design. Especially, in the field of web & app design, the use of design software applying artificial intelligence technology is increasing. In this study, based on the structure of the design system used in web & app design field, the present status and characteristics of artificial intelligence based design software are summarized. Methods Through the literature survey, we have summarized the design system structure used in the web & app design field and classified the artificial intelligence based design software according to each structure and analyzed the characteristics by case. Result Analysis of three representative methodologies of the design system can be divided into four stages: style guide, component, template, and page. Based on this analysis, we analyzed characteristics of cases of artificial intelligence - based design software and found that features of artificial intelligence - based design software are different according to the purpose of each stage. Conclusion Artificial intelligence based design software plays a supporting role in assisting users in the design process, which can be used efficiently in repetitive design work. However, since the scope of operation is limited, continuous research is required to obtain various high level design results. .
Key Words
인공지능, 디자인 시스템, 디자인 소프트웨어, Artificial Intelligence, Design system, Design software
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