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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.63, No.0, 43 ~ 55, 2019
Analyzing the Effects of VR&AR Industry on Regional Economic Development : Focused on Guangdong Province in China
Pengfei Li , Woon-hyung Lee
Background The virtual reality (VR&AR) industry has been a fast-growing industry in the world since 2015. As a key area in China's science and technology and entertainment industry, Guangdong Province, accelerating the development of virtual reality industry will be beneficial to the adjustment and optimization of Guangdong's economic and social structure. Guangdong's economic and social development is standing at a new historical starting point, from manufacturing to promotion to promote a new round of development. This paper will discuss the role of the virtual reality industry in the Guangdong economy and the development of the industry. Methods Based on previous research papers, government work reports, books and website materials at home and abroad, combined with the author's many years of work experience in the industry. This study aims to explore the impact of the virtual reality industry on the regional economy and the timing of the future virtual reality industry. Results Although the virtual reality (VR&AR) industry is still in its growth stage, Guangdong, as the bridgehead of the Chinese economy, still plays a pivotal role in the virtual reality field. The development of the industrial chain is complete, from hardware to software, from the beginning to the interactive technology, from online to offline experience stores, from large companies to small enterprises, in various industry sectors, forming a closed-loop business model. Conclusion The virtual reality will be prominent and significant in the overall pattern of regional economic development. It is also an important breakthrough for the development of science and technology culture industry. It will play a huge role in education, entertainment, service, medical care, industry and other fields in the future. Serve the people's livelihood and promote the construction of modern civilization.
Key Words
VR&AR industry, Regional economy, Creativity
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