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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.62, No.0, 81 ~ 91, 2019
The Affective Estimation of Preferred Characters
한혜진 Hyejin Han
Background The industry of characters is receiving attention again according to increase consuming characters. The kidult, who is consumer of preferred characters in childhood, makes widen generation of customers. Methods In this study, the effects of ages on the character’s experience were investigated by subjects between the end of teenagers and the middle of twenties. Moreover, the color analysis and the affective estimation for the preferred characters were researched for defining the feature of the characters. Result In results, the animation is the most related industry of preferred characters. And, Japanese characters were preferred. The experience of character when they were three years old plays role for selecting the preferred characters. It showed strong connection with kidults, the main consumer of characters. As a result of color analysis, high lightness and warm colors were used for the characters. The trend of the time (close, familiar) was the most important factor for the affective estimation for preferred characters. Moreover, familiarity and preference were the important factor for evaluating preferred characters through the factor analysis. Conclusion Compared with the character survey of 2015, application characters were appeared in this results as a higher ranking order, so the further investigation will be needed.
Key Words
선호캐릭터, 감성평가, 키덜트, Preferred Character, Affective Estimation, Kidult
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