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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.62, No.0, 49 ~ 59, 2019
A Study on Self-reliance of Regional Brand & the Formation of Design identity - Focused on D&Department in Japan -
류안영 An-young Ryou , 손원준 Won-jun Son
Background The tradition for the formation of the design identity can be rediscovered in local culture. The purpose of this study is to propose practical strategies and solutions that can be applied to the development of regional brands as the design which based on local culture. Methods Through literature reviews, the study revealed how the development of local cultural value and the process of modernization play a role in creating the design identity. And the case study which investigated and analyzed Japan's D&Department projects was conducted to present specific methodologies for the development of regional brands. Result Local traditional design can be shared in daily life, through regional brand development and management by selecting local products, developing markets and systems for sale, studying of local culture and industry continuously. Conclusion By recognizing design as media that create cultural identity and by creating a system that can be used in daily life with a modern sense, we expect that brands in each region can coexist and have differentiated regionalism.
Key Words
문화정체성, 디자인정체성, 지역브랜드, Cultural identity, Design identity, Regional brand
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