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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.61, No.0, 109 ~ 119, 2018
Design structure and Visual publicness of Public signage typefaces - Focused on ClearviewHwy, Johnston Sans, DIN 1451 -
김상욱 Kim Sanguck
Background Public label characters are a communication component related to the identity of the nation and the community by expanding the traditional role of conveying public information to the medium of letters. The visual identity of space expands the emotional cognitive range of the public through the semantic-morphological combination of information and text. Methods From the viewpoint of history and cultural context, the public label character has been recognized as a component of the public visual environment, and verifies through multifaceted data and character-type that the development process is clear and is being used for public sector information. Result ClearviewHwy traffic sign character was developed for practical improvement of readability and information toxicity, and statistical and practical traffic information improvement result was obtained. London's Johnston typeface was developed as a typeface for the public transport environment and was a major case in which it played a decisive role in establishing public identity of service, environment and organization. DIN 1451 in Germany is a representative example of functional fonts developed as a standard element for industrial efficiency. Mandatory enforcement by statutes was a function of the industry standard of public label texts for national integration and post-war productivity improvement. Conclusion The 'character' extends beyond the reason for the functional transmission of public / traffic information, and extends the scope of visual identity of each public unit as a cultural concept. From the viewpoint of the aesthetic and functional development direction of design in the letter, the public label character is a kind of 'socio-cultural and cultural phenomenon' which expresses and inherits the infrastructure of circulation and maintenance of the living environment of the public, Asset "and evaluate it.
Key Words
공공표지문자, 교통정보, 표준문자, Public Signage Typeface, Traffic Information, Standard Characters
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