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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.61, No.0, 67 ~ 82, 2018
The Effects of Core Self-Evaluation on Personal Image Making of the Middle Aged and Elderly Individuals
김영희 Young-hee Kim , 황진숙 Jin-sook Hwang
Background The purpose of this research is to investigate the difference of personal image making according to core self-evaluation and to identify the components of personal image making for self-image management of middle aged and elderly individuals. Methods This study was conducted a survey for the middle aged and elderly individuals between 40 and 64 in Korea. The final 800 respondents were used for the analysis of results using SPSS 24.0 program. Result First, the sub-elements of Personal Image Making were classified as Mental, Physical, and Social Image Making. Mental Image Making was classified into Self-Inclination Management and Positive Thinking. Physical Image Making was divided into Fashion Management, Appearance Management, Body Shape Management, and Cosmetic Surgery Management. Social Image Making consists of Manner Management, Facial Expression Management and Speech. Second, the most original, self-rated personal characteristics among Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem, Internal Control, and Neurosis in middle-aged people were found to be Self-Esteem. Conclusion This research has academic significance through the establishment of the concept of personal image making and the development of the sub-factor scale. The results will help enterprises educate and train the middle aged and elderly individuals for developing human resource and contribute to the industries that need image making.
Key Words
중장년층, 핵심자기평가, 퍼스널 이미지메이킹, The Middle Aged and Elderly Individuals, Personal Image Making, Core Self - Evaluation
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