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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.61, No.0, 45 ~ 55, 2018
A Study on the relation between visual perception and memory -Focusing on the suggestion and application of brand design memory model based on Gestalt’s law of visual perception -
김세미 Kim Se-mi , 손원준 Son Won-jun
Background This study is a study on the effect of visual information on human memory. It is expected that Gestalt visual laws, which explain the human's intrinsic cognition system in the more concise and clear recognition of complicated and difficult visual factors, are likely to be correlated with the symbol mark which simplifies complex visual elements. Purpose It is designed through the test results to suggest the symbol mark’s visual perception memory model and applies it to the actual design in order to verify the utility of the memory model. Result It was found that Gestalt’s law of visual perception was higher than non-law with respect to the remember rate and that it was higher in the long-term memory. In addition, it was found that symbol mark type applied with the principle of similarity was advantageous to the short-term memory while in the long term memory, the symbol mark type applied with the law of figure-ground relationship acts more advantageous. Based on this, the “BDMG process model” was developed and suggested and the symbol mark which was actually used was applied to the model of this study. The derived final option was used to verify the memory’s effect. Conclusion It could be found out in this study that the visual perception information and the memory are related depending on the segmented characteristics and that the human’s perception tends to be easier and go longer when it is the total one rather than the partial one. In addition, this study has implication as it can be applied and used in the brand design.
Key Words
시지각 정보, 게슈탈트 시지각 법칙, 장·단기기억, Visual information, Gestalt visual law, long-term & short-term memory
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